Deadlift Day Workout!

I've started to really love deadlift day.

MY FRIEND JESS GOT ME AN EAT, LIFT & BE HAPPY TANK!! I wear it all the times.

MY FRIEND JESS GOT ME AN EAT, LIFT & BE HAPPY TANK!! I wear it all the times.

And given that there are at least two of those per week for me, that's probably a good thing. My program is currently:

  • Mon: KB Squats & TGU / Deadlift Practice + Pull Up Practice (5 x 5 MED) / HIIT
  • Wed: Functional Training (SLDL, Push Up Variations, Single Leg Squat Variations, Pull of some kind, Carry of some kind) + 30 min Swing Practice
  • Fri: Heavy Goblet + TGU / Deadlift Practice + Pull Up Practice (3-5 x 3 HEAVY)
  • Tu/Th/Weekends: Walk (a lot), run with my dog, mess around in the gym between clients, do yoga and practice my Z-Health VooDoo.

If you're here for the workout portion of this blog, scroll down. If you're here to peek into my brain, here you go:

That's me admitting that I'm only in the gym three days/week on a regular basis. I'm working on it. (Some days "it" is not feeling guilty and some days "it" is adding an extra day or two.)

I made the hilarious mistake of getting on the scale the other day and, satisfied, I grabbed my BEI (bioelectrical impedance device = fat calculator) "just to see." It said something dirty to me and I don't mean in a sexy way. It said my body fat % was a number that I'm not willing to put on the internet. But here's the thing: I don't care. I didn't care. I don't care. I just started yelling at my husband from down the hallway ... "___ f@#$% percent! ___ f!@#$ percent! But look how good I look!!!" That is actually what came out of my mouth.

 I have never been more satisfied or engaged or happy go lucky in my LIFE when it comes to my workouts. I just show up, take an hour break from life and leave a little lighter in my chest and happier in my glutes (which have never looked better.) It's the best feeling ever. Word of advise? 

Takeaway? Show up. Do the minimum effective dose. Get on living your bad ass rockstar life. Deadlift day should be a happy day!! If it's not? Go grab a hula hoop or ride your bike or take zumba (k. maybe not that.) or whatever makes your feel like I feel on deadlift day. Like I picked up something heavy then put that fucker back down.

Just here for the workout? 

Warm Up 3 sets:

  • 5 x Goblet Squat
  • 1 + 1 x TGU R/L

Deadlift / Pull Up Practice 3-5 sets:

  • 3-5 x Deadlift @ 70% 1RM
  • 50% max Pull Ups (can do 10 no problem? weight those sons of bitches.)
  • OS, Z-Health or whatever reset makes you happy

"Core" 3 sets:

  • 8 x Palov Press R/L
  • 8 x Ab Wheel Roll Out

HIIT: Tabbatta (20 sec work / 10 sec rest // 8 rounds)

  • Deck Squats
  • Speed Rope
  • 2-Hand Kettlebell Swings
  • Sprawls
  • Repeat

Rest for 2 min. Repeat.