The Care and Feeding of Anne

warm doggy bodies are the BEST medicine

warm doggy bodies are the BEST medicine

Got up this morning and (after checking my emails, Facebook, texts, Instagram and gray hair situation) curled up in my "tea and journaling spot" with Gracie to catch up on some self time.

When we first moved to WI and I wasn't working, I got up every morning and wrote, drank tea and took some quiet breaths. It was so simple and awesome that I got it published in Elephant Journal. Somehow in the last year, that ritual got soaked up by early classes, even earlier workouts and a desperate need to sleep in whenever possible.

First thing I wrote? "I'm fried. 'Electrical wire throwing sparks while a small fire burns nearby' fried. Not like chicken fried."

When I get to that point, I usually throw some kerosene on the fire and hope the burning house motivates me to get some more work done. I'm in the middle of what I'm considering grad school (four huge certifications + opening a business qualifies as grad school more than grad school does, right?) and have traveled 3 times in the last 8 weeks. I'm putting in 10 hour days when I'm in town and coaching an increasing number of 1-1 clients again in addition to running the studio full time. Normally this would send me into an eczema-blistered, sleep-deprived craze of trying to fit in and extra workout on Friday afternoon.

This time? 

I got acupuncture yesterday from my friend Jaime (go see her!) and was blessed with some blissful time of quiet and reflection. I crashed on a friend's couch after my 10 hour work day and watched Scandal while drinking her wine. Then I came home and took an epsom salt and mustard  bath, just letting all the frayed ragged ends soak and soften. Instead of what would normally be stress-induced insomnia, I slept like a ROCK and am grabbing a quick brunch with my yogi sisters before my work day starts.

I notice that I spend a lot of time writing about "how things have changed" ... because that's what strikes me these days. Maybe at 31 I've figured out that I have less energy than 21 so I'm learning to conserve. Maybe I just got tired of being so fucking miserable all the time.  But when I get texts from clients that say "I feel so great today? I'm beginning to think you're a witch!" (more on this later) in the middle of journaling about how my brain might melt out of my head? I figure I'm doing something right by getting pedicures and pizza on Fridays and blowing off a growing stack of emails to plunk myself into a tub of steaming salty water.

Want some unsolicited advice? (this applies to your workouts, your work life, your relationships etc.)

Go take care of yourself. In some small way today...blow off something you have to do and take care of yourself. 

Then leave a comment and let me know you did because a: accountability and b: comments are validating.