Books I'm Reading

Hi. My name is Anne and I'm a binge reader.

(I get to joke about this because I was also a binge eater.)

There are books you can fall into and pull over your head.
— Jo Walton, Among Others

Oh man. When I'm having a bad day, I grab a latte at Steep and Brew and head over to Half Price Books. I sit on the floor in the bargain section and slowly flip through $2 previously loved literature until I've accumulated a stack of stories that I want ... then walk up the counter with the deepest feeling of satisfaction I can possibly imagine. A pile of books. Hours of curling up in a comfy chair with a fuzzy blanket, disappearing into someone else and somewhere else. All for less than $20.

I made it a goal recently to read more nonfiction before leaping back into my pile of novels. Then, not two hours later, I was on the phone with my friends at Half Price Books to see if they had a copy of the second book in the Outlander series. They didn't. I figured that was the universe telling me to learn some real educations.

What I'm reading / In my pile:

Stuff I'm reading:

Hands off Manager: How to Mentor People and Allow them to Be Successful

hands off manager.jpg

 I struggle with management... I don't like being the boss and tough conversations are not my strong suit. This book has been a great reminder to use positive reinforcement and psychology with both myself and my team. Takeaways thus far: get out of your own way, get out of other people's way and let your company grow out of the organic skills people bring to the table.



Eastern Body Western Mind

Reading this one for a yoga teacher training module. Honestly, not my favorite. I much preferred Anodea Judith's other book on the Chakras, Wheels of Life, which has much less emphasis on psychology and much more on the energetic properties of the Chakras as they are experienced in the body. This is a well thought out look, though, at the intersection of modern psychology and deep spirituality.



Emotional Intimacy

This one has been a wake up call on a lot of fronts. Founded in the idea that our darker emotions are just as and - even, he would argue - MORE important than our positive emotions when it comes to making human connections, this book is a beautiful map of the human emotional spectrum. It's been a long haul (read/apply/avoid/repeat) but totally worth it.


In My Pile:

Easy Strength

I'm a little embarrassed that I haven't read this (or the next book) yet. I love love love Dan John and am lifting by many of these principles. 


See above comment... I realize every day just how much of coaching is an art. Can't wait to dig into this one.

The Brain that Changes Itself

Help! I've fallen into the Z-Health vortex and I can't get out!!