Do what you love...

Gin and Juice. Because some Sundays it's ice raining and you break your toe teaching a perfectly normal yoga class.

Gin and Juice. Because some Sundays it's ice raining and you break your toe teaching a perfectly normal yoga class.

and you'll end up working a metric f*ck ton of extra hours. 

I think the quote actually goes "and you'll never work a day in your life" but I'm pretty sure the truth is much closer to my version. It's funny ... when passion latches onto your deep heart space, there's really no end to the work that needs to be done.

Meditation just awakens creativity and excitement about new projects I wasn't planning on adding to my notebook. Days "off" are dedicated to the other projects that I really wanted to do three days ago. (Except yesterday. Yesterday I drank gin & fresh grapefruit juice and watched Scandal with a bowl of popcorn.) Showering becomes brainstorming. Driving becomes schedule review. Down time becomes classroom time for all those books and courses you just can't wait to start. or finish. or find.

And it's seriously? the best thing ever.

I tell people sometimes (like when I've had +1 glasses of wine) that PULSE is the best worst idea I've ever had. That studio is my Windmill, my achilles heel, my beloved problem child. I don't go one day without thinking about how desperately I love it and how much I want to lock it in its room for a week without TV. I don't go one day without desperately wanting to be better, more educated, more compassionate, more effective, more ruthless, more ... just more.

The last two times I've had the opportunity to take a sabbatical or work 'part time' for a while, I've failed miserably. In less than a month, I was up and running on some scheme, training whatever clients would have me or planning for world domination within a 2 miles radius. And I started to think poorly of that tendency. "You're a workaholic." "You're not being present." "You're just staying busy." I'm realizing that's just not true.

I'm passionate.

I'm deeply passionate about quality coaching and about educating people away from the fast-food bootcamp mentality in America today. Compassionate strength (and a little Type A) moves me to keep enrolling in coursework and education that will make me a better coach and a kinder human, adapting the approach we take at PULSE to bring coaching and training to the next level in Madison, and spending time with people who make me better. I feel blessed to be in a rapid growth phase in my life. I'm 31 and finally grown up enough to be an adult (still up for debate??) and young enough to act on it

I know a lot of people that work too much because they have to. A lot of people with a lot of other people's shit on their desk and in their inbox. And I know a few people who work too much because they are f*cking EXCITED about what they are doing!! I feel really lucky to be in the ranks of the latter, and to see more and more amazing humans in my life who are in that group. 

Busy-ness is not the problem. Staying busy with triviality? THAT is the problem.

Do you do what you love so passionately that it keeps you awake some nights.

Take a longer shower for the purpose of opening your mind up to uninhibited creativity through relaxation. Work an extra hour because what you do changes lives. Then remember to take a vacation to Aruba and leave your laptop at home. Or just take a Sunday off to drink gin & grapefruit juice and watch Scandal.


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