Selfcare Thursdays

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I said it, so it's a thing. (also: about Tuesday and Wednesday. Selfcare dictates not blogging after 10 pm after 12 hour workdays.)

Today involved:

1. Me getting personally trained. (winning, by the way!!! You guys who hire me have it MADE.) I pulled a 185# Deadlift with no problem which makes my "200# pull before the end of the year" goal seem a little silly. Seriously, guys: Go get a coach. Or hire me. #shamelessselfpromotion

2. Me reading a book and taking a nap after eating a burrito bowl made from fixins' created during my Saturday cookfest last week.

3. Training two clients who remind me why I do this. Both are healing deeply and wonderfully and I feel so grateful and honored by their trust and commitment.

4. Taking a yoga class from the amazing Katie Hill. I haven't taken a class since Boston (my mat practice sucks ... but that's not a nice word but it's true... these days) and it was happy and melty and wonderful. On a related note, call this woman if you need coaching. She's my heart coach.

5. Writing and submitting more articles for publication. Working my ass off to do what I know I should be doing: writing words on paper that could help people.

So. Self Care Thursdays.

Over and over I keep coming back to the message that doing nice shit for yourself is nice. and productive. and helps other people. I blocked off today in my Google Calendar as "SELF CARE" in my "this is an important meeting color" because the previous three days had been pretty rough and it was high time to take a break before I started getting bitchy (also because I'm worth a personal training session and a yoga class dammit.)

Challenge: Do something nice for yourself in the next week on a day when you have time to really enjoy it. Block it off in your calendar in an "this is an important meeting" color and don't book anything else. Then comment and let me know what you did. Because accountability.