I had a client nail her first handstand this week after 6+ months of determination, practice and patience (!!!! I cried a few happy tears over that one.) and a fellow teacher pop up again after months of healing an injury (go, friend, go!) I'm finally holding my feet off the wall for 10-20 seconds (Andrew Wilkinson, that's dedicated to you) and working myself up to trying in the middle of the room. 


Handstands are tricky. Not only do you have to get upside down, you are expected to stay there and thrive, then comfortably dismount without anyone knowing that the whole 3 minutes (seconds?) was terrifying on either the "what if I fall?!" front or the "stay off the damn wall, foot!" front.

How much time do we spend on a weekly basis upside down and making split second decisions as to whether we should stay there? come back to where the world looks right? curl up into a recovery position and stay there until someone shows up with a glass of wine?

Some of us are struggling to simply be comfortable with the idea of things being ass over teakettle. Some of us are currently working on staying ass over teakettle without panicking. Still others are considering operating that way with less support. But regardless of where you are, that state is fucking exhilarating and exhausting and brain bending because it means things won't ever be the same.


What's your #handstand these days?