i see you. can you see me?

fear and vulnerability

what if we all wore signs around our necks?

“the thought of asking for what i need completely cripples me."

we told those around us what we fear the most.

“i worry that I don't matter."

we were transparent about the things that make up our darkness.

“i’m afraid you’ll shove me away if you see me hurt, so i’ll pretend i’m fine."

what if we blatantly admitted the things that we’re most trying to hide?

we walk around desperately trying to hide ourselves from people that are desperately trying to hide themselves.

but what would happen if we were able to see the pain that carves our responses to each other into an intricate and lethal safety fence.

would we be more compassionate? 

“i see your fear. maybe i’ll ask what it is you need as you can’t voice it..."

would we let our fear reach out and touch theirs?

“i’m terrified that i’m irrelevant. but i know YOU’RE valuable. so maybe I am too?"

would we acknowledge the darkness?

“i’m scared too."

we’re all so fucking desperate for connection. for relevance.

so fucking desperate that we claw our way through life blindly ignoring pain that is so obvious if you stop and look. 

stop and look at your own sign. look at the flashing red letters around the neck of the person you’re talking to.

this shit wouldn't happen. or this shit. or this. and at the very least, we'd be kinder to the people we are in relationship with, instead of getting so wrapped up in our secret darkness that we can't see their pain and connect with it.