Comfort in Challenging Days

I LOVE Half Price Books.

When I'm having a really bad day, I visit my friend Saht* at Steep and Brew for a latte, then sit cross-legged on the floor in the budget books section, drinking coffee and carefully selecting a stack of $2 novels based only on the title and cover art.


A few months into my divorce process, to the soundtrack of massive thunderstorms and JJO Nothing But 90's, I marched into the book store to (sit on the floor and browse the bargain section, THEN) buy some books on backpacking, travel and mindfulness meditation because goddammit I was going to kick this "single" thing's ass.

I proudly took them home, Instagrammed the fuck out of my literary triumph, promptly read WILD and Into the Wild for the third time and stacked the rest of the books on my VERY cozy bookshelf because I just couldn't fucking deal with anyone telling me anything more important than the plot line of YA fiction.

I read a lot of YA Dystopian fiction for the next six months. I also read THIS series which is absurdly amazing and am in the middle of THIS series because who doesn't love a spin off?

Then, today, I picked up When Things Fall Apart by Pema Chodron because things fell apart like a year ago and now seemed like a good time to start reading it? #sarcasm #procrastination #wheresmynovel

... I only got to the 2nd page because I found this:

I mean....SERIOUSLY, Universe?

Thank you. But kindly fuck off and quit giving me exactly the reminders I need when I need them because I was doing perfectly fine wallowing around in my own self-pity and complete panic about the upcoming inauguration, a topic I can't even blog about because my keyboard would actually light ON FIRE with verbal rage and I can't afford a new laptop right now. #runonsentence #idon'tcare

SO. On the off chance that no one has told you today: 

May an encompassing grace comfort you during these challenging days.

xo - Annie (and the lovely woman who gave this card to the previous owner.)

*(side note: blessings to Saht, who knows me by name, asks how I'm doing and remembers that my dad really needs a three pound bag of Toasted Nut coffee every couple of months. He owns the coffee shop where my mom took me as a little girl for steamed milk, and he makes my life a brighter place.)