10 Things I'm Loving Right Now

You know that dance-party, dumb-grin, twirl circles, hug-a-stranger kind of happy?

We seek it out, like addicts tracking the sensation of elation and, when we're not looking, we get it in these light-filled bursts of color and sensation and hope!

Then we overshadow it

(often immediately) with dread.

Brene Brown, in Daring Greatly, calls this Foreboding Joy: that "waiting for the other shoe to drop" response when we experience the deep vulnerability of joy.

The thought-reaction process is usually:

1. HOLYSHIT I am so happy/so in love/so at peace/<fill in good feeling>

2. What if something comes and takes this away?! 

3. Anxiety/fear/panic ensues and absorbs all the light and oxygen gifted by that moment.

You want a scary daily practice?

Let yourself be happy. Because it will - inevitably - scare the living crap out of you.

Cultivate things that make you ebullient (I love that word) then watch for / soften around the fear. Embrace it. Tend to it gently. Then go back to the happy.

Here are 10 Things that make me just fucking happy. 

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1. This Song. (I almost injured myself trying to dance in the shower when it came on.)

2. The Feral Intercourse Podcast. (BAMF women who are completely altering the way I see the world.)

3. Cabin Fever Blend from Just Coffee Co-Op. 

"...smoky, bittersweet chocolate and cedar notes..." and pretty much the only reason I drag myself out of my squashy nest/bed every morning.

4. This Dog.

She saves my life every day.

jai ganesha.

jai ganesha.

5. My new tattoo.

<------ @inklissa is pretty much the most talented human ever.

6. Reading one poem each day from this Mary Oliver poetry collection.

7. Moon Deck Oracle Cards.

these cards are SO beautiful and i love having a chance to practice simple/zero-stress intuition and a mantra or practice to carry with me.

8. Aromance essential oil blend from Eden's Garden.

This blend of Sweet Orange, Patchouli, Ylang Ylang, Sandalwood and Jasmine is sexy and subtle and I ABSOLUTELY love diffusing it, spraying it on my sheets or just wearing it as perfume. And it's only $5.95!!!!!! I'm on a "stop buying things because you just spent $1K on plane tickets for 2017, girl!!" hiatus, but this totally doesn't count, right? 

9. Knitting.

I really like finding things that I'm not good at / are zero risk to practice being at peace with being shitty at something new! Knitting is my "huh. this is interesting. is it supposed to have giant knots and giant holes?? probably not, but it's kinda fun." life practice.

10. Kirkland brand Gin. 

$18 for a heckuvalot of really decent gin. I love gin and I have no shame.