Tiny Habit Finder!!

My name is Annie, and I'm a perfectionist.

I'm not the kind of perfectionist who wins gold medals (I took 3rd place in the regional spelling bee several times) and has multiple graduate degrees (I have a Bachelor's in PR from a state school in Arizona)...

I'm the kind that suffers from crippling procrastination because "What if what I do isn't good enough?! I'll just stay here where it's safe and people seem to be ok with what I'm doing now..."

Between the Tiny Ninja Change idea that I tripped over a long time ago and recently realized was actually "a thing" and my darling therapist, I've come to realize the power of a very small step. 

and even more so...the power of the POWERFUL small step. Just that one, seemingly insignificant thing you can do every day for a little while that starts a cascade of good shit in your life.

Want more good shit in your life? 

I've created this really fun way for you to find YOUR powerful first step:

The Tiny Habit Finder

It's a quick, fun download for you to play with...just click the button, run through a quick eight-question self-assessment at the other end of the rainbow and get a bunch of clarity on the best place for you to start moving toward your larger goals of self-care, wellness and health!

(I'm making the assumption you have goals in that direction which goes against all my yoga/communication training of not making assumptions. Oops.)