Fragmentation is a tough place to live.

But how do we integrate?

I've taught yoga from a deep space of energetic intuition and mindfulness. I coach strength from a wide base of science and mechanics. Metabolics have always been a weird subset of the two... so it's been a challenge to incorporate them for many of my clients because it requires both mindfulness AND science.

The lack of integration between these three components




have - until recently - created a sense of being out of alignment in my career. But these little moments started arising where I felt completely in tune with my calling and my capacity... these moments where a client senses their Being a little more deeply and is able to connect that to their movement patterns or behaviors.

Last month, I held a workshop for exploring the connection between strength mechanics and meditation and - in May - I am launching a coaching experience and writing series that embodies the incredibly connection between our hearts and the amazing vessels that carry them around.

This won't be a workout or a diet plan. It won't be a yoga class or meditation series. It will be a circle of humanity coming together to learn how to INTEGRATE. Members of this very small circle will learn a unique style of meditation. Experience strength mechanics at a deep level. Find ways to nurture their nervous systems to optimize metabolism. 

And - most excitingly - make huge changes in their levels of energy and presence WITHOUT THE INTENSE EFFORT AND PAIN caused by so many programs available today.

I have a super amazing tool coming to you at NO cost later this week, so stay tuned!!

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Keep shining. Your light in the world matters.