Low Volume Training

Quick hello / post to jump back on the writing wagon now that I'm back from Peru / back in my apartment from a house sitting stint / no longer losing copious amounts of fluid each day via blowing my nose (stupid head cold.) Will be back to regularly scheduled posting now!!

SO. I was having coffee with a local physical therapist and she mentioned having a "low volume practice." Which was exactly what my chiropractor/healer/friend told me last week. The exact echo hit me between the eyes, because I've been struggling lately with "Why can't I do more without feeling like a train hit me? Why can't I train more clients? do more workouts? plan more outings? What is wrong with me?"

And the answer is simply: because I am practicing being 100% where I am in any moment and that shit is NOT a high-volume practice.

It is no joke to train with complete attention on your own, intentional movements and your nervous system's reactions to those movements, or to be with other humans in a coaching, healing or relationship space while paying utmost attention to their bodies and hearts. The payoff is HUGE ... but HOO boy it's work!

SO. I'm gonna go out on a limb here and give myself (and you!!) permission to keep up the intention and energy of low-volume/high-quality. Not "being lazy" or "not working more" ... just choosing not to hustle.

(Neghar Fonooni had an Instagram story yesterday talking about "the hustle" : how we (especially as a fitness industry and especially as women within that industry) glorify the hustle. The late nights. The early mornings. Taking 8 clients/day and working 6-7 days/week.  Her point was that self-care and ritual sets us up for a far better practice and far more ability to give and receive than pushing and striving and busting our asses to "do more." I've never met her, but she's IN MY HEAD.)