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The Importance of Ritual  

I spent years assuming that I didn’t have a meditation practice because I simply “lacked discipline” and ate chocolate instead of drinking tea at night because I “lacked willpower.” Yoga teachers talked about the power of focus, self-help books told me I simply needed more discipline and I read countless blogs about ways to increase willpower. But, somewhere in the past year’s journey into myself, it dawned on me that there is nothing lacking in my true Self keeping me from doing the things I wanted... [full article HERE]

Forget Happiness...Plague Everyone with JOY

I’m not a member of the positive thinking camp. I certainly don’t recommend wallowing in the depths and depressions, but without space for everything that arises we stifle parts of ourselves that are dear and precious. My darkest hours create beautiful art and prose. The valleys in my life initiate ascension. My “worst” self gives me the nutrient rich compost in which I am able to grow a garden of awareness and contemplative practice. My teacher offers the invitation to “include and transcend” as we change, a phrase that continues to echo in my mind as I read and re-read this Sutra... [full article HERE]

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