Kettlebell eCoaching --STRENGTH On Your Terms!

Programs are designed to take you through mobility and strength progressions for the six basic human movements (push, pull, squat, hinge, rotate, carry) to create the body and life you want.

Perfect for business owners, parents and athletes who have limited time in their week, but are committed to intelligent strength training and conditioning. If you have a strength practice and need a little support and a coach to come along side you …this is for you!

Package Includes:

  • 3 Intelligent Kettlebell and Bodyweight Strength + Conditioning Workouts each month at a level appropriate for YOU
  • Monthly Personalized Training Calendar 
  • Access to our library of nearly 100 exercises and workouts!
  • 2 coaching emails/month to help you optimize your schedule, nutrition and movements.

Feel stronger and more energetic, decrease your potential for injury, increase your athletic potential and experience your body in an entirely new way!

$30/month -- 6 Month Committment

Anne brings a truly unique mix of intelligence, humor, common sense and fun to the table. She knows strength work backwards and forwards..You will be well cared for and challenged to become your best, not someone else’s idea of your best.