The Reluctant Business Woman

My journey from small gym personal trainer to studio owner and successful coach, kicking and screaming all the way. Tools for getting out of your own way, finding your authentic self and learning to join compassion and entrepreneurship.


Hardstyle Kettlebell Basics

Learn how to safely and effectively use this amazing tool for strength, conditioning and transformation! In this three hour workshop, we will cover the hardstyle kettlebell swing, the goblet squat and the foundations of the Turkish Get Up along with techniques for developing core strength like you've never felt it before! Great option for trainers and coaches looking to safely use kettlebells with their clients, or beginning kettlebell students who want to practice safely.

Kettlebells and Yoga for Athletes

I took a minute off my mile time the DAY AFTER this workshop!

Overuse injuries in endurance athletes are both highly prevalent and highly preventable! This workshop teaches simple and effective self massage techniques, functional exercises and yoga postures to help prevent injury and enhance performance in just a few minutes each day.  Great for running groups, cycling groups, studios and gyms!


Mindful Eating for Self Care

Mindful eating is a practice of self-care, self-love and meditation on what is happening in the here and now. If you struggle with guilt and shame in relationship to food, cycles of over-eating and dieting/cleansing, or simply want to learn to enjoy your meals more … this is for you! Come together with a community of supporters, learn skills and techniques to heal your relationship with food and enjoy food together.

4 Hour Workshop:

  • What is Mindful Eating and how can it help?
  • Learning from your history and habits to create a more mindful space
  • How to choose and enjoy nutrition
  • Intuitive eating and listening to your inner wisdom

This is NOT a weight loss group, group therapy or mental health counseling. This is a space for exploring the idea of eating and enjoying

Yoga : Deep Healing for Disordered Body Image

For those that feel trapped or love someone who feels trapped by their patterns of disordered eating or body image, Anne shares her story of healing and hope after 15 years of disordered eating, exercise addiction and severe anxiety. This is an honest look at the truth about the fitness and yoga industry today and how health is available through creating friendliness toward the body and awareness around our own needs. Available as a 30 min presentation or 30 min presentation + 60 min yoga and meditation practice.